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PLEASE NOTE: none of the books have been added to the indexing yet.  Please give the contents page images for the Omni Books of Science Fiction and Other Omni Books a glance if you can’t find what you are looking for in the indexes themselves.

Omni Magazine was published between 1978 and 1995, and it is fondly remembered by many people.  For some background, see this article from 1979.  It has it’s own Facebook page, Wikipedia entry, and many web sites dedicated to keeping the memory of its colourful, eclectic and sometimes downright strange content alive.  What it has never had, to my knowledge, is a complete index.  These pages will attempt to remedy that lack.

The indices on this website were created by scanning the table of contents of each issue of Omni and using OCR to recognise the text. Scripts written in Python were then used to reorganise the text into the layout that you see on these pages. It is more than likely that there are some errors: characters that were not recognised properly, or artefacts caused the formatting process. If you see something that you think is wrong, drop me a line.

Some entries are not complete, particularly the Continuum sections and graphics credits.


65 responses to “The Indices

  1. I’m very grateful to you for putting together this site: I spent a good hour last night searching through it for articles that I wanted to revisit from my youth, and rediscover new ones. So thanks a million for all your work.

    I was convinced – until last night! – that I read an interview in OMNI, many years ago, with Julian Jaynes, author of ‘The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind’ – but I can’t find this on your site.

    Am I mistaken?

  2. There some mention (not particularly flattering) of Jayne’s work in the article “Finding God in the three pound universe” by David Porush (Omni Oct. 1993, p.60). I can’t locate any specific interviews, but such a thing might have been bundled into a Continuum piece, and thus would not appear on the contents pages. Detailed indexing of all the Continuum pieces may happen one day, but due to the extremely manual nature of the task, it will not be done anytime soon (sorry, too many competing projects).

  3. there was a brief moment in time when OMNI magazine published a small set of audio tapes as audio dramas. They were excellent though short-lived. Are they still in existence? I remember one of the stories being titled, Think a Thought.

    • Sorry for the slow response, I’ve been on leave and I have a huge backlog to catch up with. According to Plot Spot, there were four episodes in the “Omni Audio Experience” cassette series. “Think A Thought” by Ken Nordeen was in the last tape. I believe that Plot Spot has the tapes available for listening, but I am in the office and cannot test this right now. URL:

  4. Hello. Does anyone know where I can find the January 1985 OMNI article about the psychic kids of China? I was told it existed by Drunvalo Melchizedek,

  5. I am trying to find an Omni story about a booby trapped apartment/holding cell that was used as an execution chamber. Almost no one survived because the apartment was deceptive. I believe that the character in the story was electrocuted when a sign flashed “Not Guilty” and he tried to leave the room.

    • I think that the story you are looking for is “In the Hereafter Hilton” by Bob Shaw. It was published in the September 1980 edition. ISFDB indicates that it was republished a few times. At the end the protagonist, Renfrew, receives a lethal does of poison when he tries to leave the room.

  6. I am looking for a short story about future pregnancy where women are constantly monitored and one woman kind of goes nuts about it and ends up having her fetus taken away.

  7. Hi, I’m trying to locate a short story about bugs (antish) that grew larger, based on the environment they are in. The queen had psionic powers that also became stronger depending on her size.

    I think they start out in a small box or something, but as they multiply, the protagonist moves them into larger and larger containers (and they grow larger and larger). Finally at the end, he trips and they get released into environment, including the queen.

  8. awesome, thanks!

  9. I’m having difficulty locating a fictional short story in OMNI about a professor about to lose his funding who needed to prove the worth of his department. I think he was a sociologist. Anyway, to me, was a fascinating coverage of the power of social networks (a big topic these days!). In the end, he reorganized a social group of ladies to the point that they became much more than the knitting club(?) from which they began. Sorry, have no real details to help, but think it’s from the late 70’s to mid-80’s.

  10. Hello Melodie and WOW!!! Thanks for all of your work. What a joy to be able to see these images from my childhood. 🙂 I have a brain test for you…
    Do you remember an interview article in which was described an electrical device which could “inject” audio directly into a person’s acoustic nervous system, allowing the person to “hear” without an audible sound. It required two electrodes applied to the skin, and was described in good detail. I’m sure it was an interview, and it was (probably) 2-3 paragraphs on the left hand side page, 1st or 2nd column of the article. Any help you could give locating this article would be great.
    Thanks again for your time… p.s. It was NOT in Issue #2 (True Bionic Man) and concerning Cochlear implants… I already found that article. 🙂

    • I’m sorry, this rings no bells for me. Do you recall anything else about the issue? Other articles, anything about the artwork, anything I can use to “triangulate” as it were.

  11. Hello Melodie. I’ve got one for you. I remember a short story about a couple who found that time would stop (or maybe slow down a lot) for everyone except them, as long as they were touching in a specific place (I want to say a loft bed in an apartment). They would use the effect to study more for tests, or recover from a hangover, but I think they end up breaking up and losing the effect. Does it ring any bells?

  12. Hi Melodie: I am trying to find an article about an unusual Japanese art form in which a 3-dimensional sculpture is created which hold two “images” at once, depending upon whether it is viewed from the front, or rotated 90 degrees and viewed from the side. Do you recall such a feature piece?

    • I’m afraid I don’t think I can help with this one. The only two “folded paper” articles that I can think of are the folded paper plane from April 1984 and the bit on Masahiro Chatani’s cut and fold architectural models from September 1989. Neither matches your description.

  13. I am looking for a PDF copy of the October 1981 contest results for “Medium Rare”. I have been searching high and low for these results as I believe my Late Great Grandfather was a winner in this contest. Please help with how I can get this info, It is not in the Internet Archives.

  14. guystronomy

    Hi Melodie….I’m hoping you can help me find a story. Pretty sure I read it in Omni. The story took place on a prisoner transport a few years in the future. I think they were taking a prisoner to The Hague for trial on a TAV. It was either a guard or a prosecutor trying to determine if he was the scientist who had created a virus that decimated the earth and was designed to only kill non whites. I think the faction the prisoner was from were called bio nazis. I absolutely remember a mention of funeral pyres in India that could be seen from space. God that story freaked me out. Never forgot it and would like to read it again.

    • I don’t remember this, and it is resisting my normal search techniques. Can you remember anything else? Character names, approximate date, what the artwork was like? Any clue will help.

  15. I remember a story about a boy with psychic abilities who used his gift to cruel purposes. There was a Twilight Zone episode something like that, but the story I’m thinking of was different. I remember one scene in particular: The boy is walking and talking with a peer-age girl (cousin?) somewhere on a farm. They pass a pig pen, and the boy turns one of the pigs into a giant piggy bank. He takes some coins from his pocket and places them inside the slot on the bank’s back. He then turns the bank back into a living pig, which then, of course, suffers terrible pain from the coins now embedded in its body. The boy commits this act utterly without conscience, he’s almost cavalier about it, and the girl barely reacts. I can’t remember if this was a commentary on the basic lack of moral guilt and empathy in children, but it certainly points to something like that. I keep thinking that I read this story in OMNI, but I might be wrong. Does this ring any bells with you?

  16. I’d like to read Harlan Ellison’s Mefisto in Onyx which appeared in Omni of October 1993, as it was published in the magazine. Can you help me Melodie?

  17. I am trying to find an article on polyneopeptides & their use as a last measure cancer cure. I believe I read this article in Omni at the end of 1981…

    • I’m afraid that doesn’t ring any bells, and a quick search isn’t bringing it up for me. Can you provide any other information?

  18. Hi. I’m looking for a “Last Word” article from (likely the first half of 1986 or late 1985 about a “tunnel through the center of the earth” as a convenient way to travel from America to China. The article mentioned that if you drilled straight down from “Pekin” (Beijing now), you would not come out in America but in a place in Argentina near the town of Choele Choel. I remember laughing about this since I am from Argentina and I have relatives in Choele Choel. I’d appreciate if you could try and find this article and refer me to any available copy on the net. Thanks a bunch.

  19. I was looking for a cartoon that showed 2 men in lab coats holding clipboards with bins and conveyor belts in the background. The text was something like “Our research has shown that right about here our product quits being food.”

  20. I’m looking for a short story set in a future where the environment has collapsed. The opening paragraphs relate the protagonist’s story of his mother (?) or wife (?) who was “lucky” enough to die quickly in a subway or train accident before the onset of societal collapse.

  21. I’m looking for a short fiction set in a future where the environment has collapsed. In the opening paragraphs, the protagonist describes the death of his mother (?) or wife (?) in a subway or train accident and describes how “lucky” she was to have died quickly before the world fell apart and society collapsed.

    • Not ringing any bells. Can you provide any other detail – even a guess of what year you read it, or what the associated artwork looked like?

  22. I found it! WOOHOO! I had the details a bit scrambled, but it was “Apres Moi” by Gardner Dozois, published in the November 1990 issue. Hope you enjoy it as well.

  23. It’s so very awesome that you are offering this service! Many thanks in advance! I’m looking for a story that was computer generated, and I believe they claimed it was the first one ever created by a computer. It would have been around 1981 or 82 but not later. It was very quirky (of course); I remember that the phrase “bolting pears” was in there a few times. Other things “bolted”, as well. I think the story took place in an apartment… Sorry I can’t remember much else…

  24. Hello! Thanks for your awesome site. I was a huge OMNI fan when it was published and I’m so happy to find sites like yours are keeping the publication available.

    I was wondering if you could help me find an issue by an illustration: My friend was describing an issue of OMNI that was his favorite. He said the cover had a dragon on it, but viewed as it if were from a pilot’s perspective, with controls and digital readings overlaid. I’ve looked through all of the covers and can’t find anything like this. Does that description ring any bells? Or maybe he is remembering either something inside an issue, or from another publication altogether.

    Thanks for any help tracking down the illustration and/or issue I’m looking for. I really appreciate it!


    • I don’t recall a cover like that, but the concept is vaguely familiar. I’m just not sure it is from Omni – perhaps Dragon Magazine or Heavy Metal? Can your friend recall anything else about this issue? Approximate date, other content, even a sense of the predominant colour of the illustration would help. I’ve located pictures previously, based on a rough date and the colour – makes it possible to do a quick skim of the relevant issues.

  25. I’ve been looking for a story that I think was published in Omni, about an alien artist who grew up on a savage, violent world, and whose art was influenced by it until she left.

    Anyone remember it?

  26. I am trying to find artwork by an artist who did an illustration for a short story in the first 2 years of Omni. She was a former ballerina. Her artwork was surrealistic and was used for I think 2 stories. One piece I remember had Renaissance style angels in a birdcage. What was this artist’s name and is her work available anywhere now?

  27. Im looking for a short story from I believe the fall of 1981 set around 2040 in a joint Soviet/American space station-War breaks out between the US and the Soviets and the commander of the space station, -a revered Soviet space hero in his 70’s defies his superiors. I forget what his specific actions were.

  28. Was telling my wife about the great Omni and did a web search to get more info, Was so excited when I saw that the archive was available but it all seems to have been taken down. Any links that work?

  29. I am trying to find a contest on the misuse of English grammer. I friend was a runner up with her poem. She though it was around 1980 or 81 but I can’t find it. I thought it would be in the Games section. It starts out:
    One who’s fixing to leave,
    Must he repair to the door?

    • I’m afraid that I can’t find it, either. Can your friend recall any other details about the issue? Something else that was in the same issue, something about the cover art? Any clue that would help with narrowing down the field.

      • Thank you very much for trying to find it. I have a complete collection of Omni and I just started going thru them until I found it. It was June of 1984, in the games section. Thanks again.

  30. Thank you to the person or people who put this site together. I was looking for a very particular one from 1978. I got ahead of myself and haven’t even found it yet but became so excited that this site exist and had to make a comment. I know a lot of work and time it takes to do this. This site saved me a lot of time and possibly some money. Thank you.

    • Hi Justjanney – my name is Melodie, and I put this site together. I’m glad you find it useful: if you can’t find what you are looking for, drop me a line and I’ll see if I can help.

  31. Melodie,

    I am searching for a short story from OMNI circa 1982. There was an alien (or robot) that was head over heals in love with another alien (or robot) that was trying to kill him. He would get close enough to watch her from afar only to escape her wrath avoiding death at the last second. I only remember hazy fragments of this story, but I hope what I remembered is good enough to pick it out of the many fine stories that OMNI published way back in day.

    Thank you for putting this content together and your work to answer questions. I think that’s awesome 🙂

    Best regards,

    • Hi DeBug – sorry for the slow response, I’ve been out of town. I’ve gone through all the fiction for 1982, part of 1983 and the Best of Omni for that period, and I can’t see anything that matches your description. Do you recall anything else? Any detail of artwork, the cover of the issue, other material that was in the same issue? Any clue would be helpful.



  32. Thank you, Melodie, for checking on this.
    It’s funny. I can remember walking into the 7-11 across the street, always checking for new additions, and the feel of the glossy covers if it was yesterday.
    The story details not so much.
    I remember two other stories that may have been in that same issue or one close to it. One was a futuristic setting where wrestlers/fighters would enter a ring followed by a dome that covered and shielded them from the crowd. This dome silenced the crowd and allowed the fighters to focus on the battle at hand, which was to the death. There was quite a bit of blood and gore including spines being ripped out, and other cruelties.
    The other story I remember included a doctor/psychologist whose job it was to prevent the returning astronauts from committing suicide. Which the astronauts seemed to do every time. I don’t remember just what exactly they were returning from that compelled them to off themselves.

    best regards,


  33. Here we are on firmer ground. The first story is almost certainly Wayne Wightman’s “The Fighter” (, published in September 1981, and I think the second is William Gibson’s “Hinterlands” (, October 1981). However, I still cannot locate the story that you originally asked about. I will keep looking, as time permits. You may be able to locate the story by working through William Flew’s website – he seems to have scans of most of the fiction from that period.

  34. Thank you for the links. 🙂

    I browsed through “The Fighter” and can see why these stories are hard to find using the less than stellar memory fragments provided. In fact, my recollection of the story really didn’t have much to with the actual plot at all. I apologize.

    I see that both editions were back-to-back issues from 1981 and will start there to find the missing story. Of course, I won’t be looking just yet. I’ve got two wonderful short stories to read first. 😉

    Best regards,


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