OBOSF Indices

The Omni Books of Science Fiction

  • OBOSF1 – The First Omni Book of Science Fiction
  • OBOSF2 – The Second Omni Book of Science Fiction
  • OBOSF3 – The Third Omni Book of Science Fiction
  • OBOSF4 – The Fourth Omni Book of Science Fiction
  • OBOSF5 – The Fifth Omni Book of Science Fiction
  • OBOSF6 – The Sixth Omni Book of Science Fiction
  • OBOSF7 – The Seventh Omni Book of Science Fiction
Title Surname First Name Notes Volume
Found! Asimov Isaac OBOSF1
Standing Woman Yasutaka Tsutsui Translated by David Lewis OBOSF1
St. Amy’s Tale Card Orson Scott OBOSF1
The Last Jerry Fagin Show Morressy John OBOSF1
God Is An Iron Robinson Spider OBOSF1
Count The Clock That Tells The Time Ellison Harlan OBOSF1
Petra Bear Greg OBOSF1
Sam And The Sudden Blizzard Machine Ing Dean OBOSF1
Burning Chrome Gibson William OBOSF1
Ike At The Mike Waldrop Howard OBOSF1
The Palace At Midnight Silverberg Robert OBOSF1
The Angel’s Gift Williams Oxford OBOSF1
The Hitmaker Morgan Cynthia OBOSF1
Sandkings Martin George R.R. OBOSF1
On The Slab Ellison Harlan OBOSF2
Lobotomy Shoals Brantingham Juleen OBOSF2
Fivesight Robinson Spider OBOSF2
Icons Malzberg Barry N. OBOSF2
The Genius House Bilenkin Dmitri Translated from the Russian by Antonina W. Bouis OBOSF2
The Man Who Met Picasso Swanwick Michael OBOSF2
The Vacuum-Packed Picnic Gauger Rick OBOSF2
Blind Spot Carr Jayge OBOSF2
The Sepulchre Of Songs Card Orson Scott OBOSF2
Colonel Stonesteel’s Genuine Home-Made Truly Egyptian Mummy Bradbury Ray OBOSF2
Triggering Shirley John OBOSF2
Out Of Luck Tevis Walter OBOSF2
Eyes I Dare Not Meet In Dreams Simmons Dan OBOSF2
Vox Olympica Bishop Michael OBOSF2
Forever Knight Damon OBOSF2
Johnny Mnemonic Gibson William OBOSF2
Waiting For The Earthquake Silverberg Robert OBOSF2
Galatea Galante Bester Alfred OBOSF3
Number 13 Robinson Spider OBOSF3
Men Like Us Drake David OBOSF3
I Am The Burning Bush Keizer Gregg OBOSF3
Farmer On The Dole Pohl Frederik OBOSF3
Blind Shemmy Dann Jack OBOSF3
Last Of The Wild Ones Zelazny Roger OBOSF3
Prairie Sun Bryant Edward OBOSF3
Amanda And The Alien Silverberg Robert OBOSF3
A Hiss Of Dragon Benford Gregory OBOSF3
A Hiss Of Dragon Laidlaw Marc OBOSF3
Executive Clemency Dozois Gregory OBOSF3
Executive Clemency Haldeman II Jack C. OBOSF3
Rautavaara’s Case Dick Philip K. OBOSF3
Adventure Of The Metal Murderer Saberhagen Fred OBOSF3
Borovsky’s Hollow Woman Duntemann Jeff OBOSF3
Borovsky’s Hollow Woman Kress Nancy OBOSF3
War Beneath The Tree Wolfe Gene OBOSF3
Webrider Carr Jayge OBOSF3
Ringtime Disch Thomas M. OBOSF3
Red Star, Winter Orbit Sterling Bruce OBOSF3
Red Star, Winter Orbit Gibson William OBOSF3
Carrion Comfort Simmons Dan OBOSF3
The Way Of Cross And Dragon Martin George R.R OBOSF4
The Thousand Cuts Watson Ian OBOSF4
Serpent’s Teeth Robinson Spider OBOSF4
Boundary Echoes Ford John M. OBOSF4
With The Original Cast Kress Nancy OBOSF4
Our Lady Of The Sauropods Silverberg Robert OBOSF4
Going Under Dann Jack OBOSF4
Sigmund In Space Malzberg Barry N. OBOSF4
The Invitation Nahin Paul J, OBOSF4
Unaccompanied Sonata Card Orson Scott OBOSF4
The Mickey Mouse Olympics Sullivan Tom OBOSF4
I Am Large, I Contain Multitudes Michaels Melisa OBOSF4
The Lurking Duck Baker Scott OBOSF4
Hinterlands Gibson William OBOSF4
Sister Angel Wilhelm Keith OBOSF4
Procreation Wolfe Gene OBOSF4
Easy Points Westfall Kathleen V. OBOSF4
When Auld’s Acquaintance Is Forgot Ellison Harlan OBOSF4
The Ancient Mind At Work Charnas Suzy McKee OBOSF4
Multiples Silverberg Robert OBOSF5
Man-Mountain Gentian Waldrop Howard OBOSF5
Returning Home Watson Ian OBOSF5
Triceratops Tensei Kono OBOSF5
New Rose Hotel Gibson William OBOSF5
Adagio Longyear Barry B. OBOSF5
Track Of A Legend Felice Cynthia OBOSF5
Prime Time Spinrad Norman OBOSF5
Edges Keizer Gregg OBOSF5
The Songbirds Of Pain Kilworth Garry OBOSF5
The Changed Man And The King Of Words Card Orson Scott OBOSF5
400 Boys Laidlaw Marc OBOSF5
Seventh Sense Haisty Robert OBOSF5
Lunatic Bridge Cadigan Pat OBOSF5
Morning Child Dozois Gardner OBOSF6
The Visionary Le Guin Ursula OBOSF6
The Serrated Edge Bryant Edward OBOSF6
A Man Who Knew His Birds Kotzwinkle William OBOSF6
Dogfight Swanwick Michael OBOSF6
Dogfight Gibson William OBOSF6
Ashes Stewart Ian OBOSF6
The Audubon Effect Sanders Scott Russell OBOSF6
Vengeance Is Yours Cadigan Pat OBOSF6
And Also Much Cattle Willis Connie OBOSF6
My Rose and My Glove Jacobs Harvey OBOSF6
At the Embassy Club Lynn Elizabeth A. OBOSF6
Tooth Fairy Carr Carol OBOSF6
Kaleidoscope Wilder Cherry OBOSF6
Dance for the King Aiken Jim OBOSF6
Josie and the Elevator Disch Thomas M. OBOSF6
I, Said the Fly Shea Michael OBOSF6
Mozart in Mirrorshades Sterling Bruce OBOSF7
Mozart in Mirrorshades Shiner Lewis OBOSF7
Variation on a Man Cadigan Pat OBOSF7
Under Siege Martin George R.R. OBOSF7
Hong’s Bluff Wu William F. OBOSF7
Bean Bag Cats Bryant Edward OBOSF7
Itself Surprised Zelazny Roger OBOSF7
The Mind Like a Strange Balloon Maddox Tom OBOSF7
The Ark McAllister Bruce OBOSF7
Flying Saucer Rock and Roll Waldrop Howard OBOSF7
Dreams Unwind Hansen Karl OBOSF7
The Wandering Jew Disch Thomas M. OBOSF7
Wired Bischoff David OBOSF7
Snow Crowley John OBOSF7
To Mark The Times We Had Malzberg Barry N. OBOSF7
O Homo, O Femina, O Tempora Wilhelm Kate OBOSF7
Trojan Horse Swanwick Michael OBOSF7
Never Love A Hellhag Bester Alfred OBOSF7

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