Best of Omni 1 – 1980

Title Type Author/Artist Secondary type Artist/Author Page
Found! Fiction Isaac Asimov Illustration H, R. Giger 4
Robots Pictorial Harry Harrison 10
Count the Clock That Tells the Time Fiction Harlan Ellison Illustration Mati Klarwein 20
Inner Domains Pictorial Frank Armitage and Paul Peck Text Kathleen Stein 28
Body Game Fiction Robert Sheckley Illustration Samuel Bak 34
Unaccompanied Sonata Fiction Orson Scott Card Illustration Evelyn Taylor 38
Magnifications Pictorial David Scharf Text Scot Morris 46
Iceback Invasion Fiction Hayford Peirce Illustration Evelyn Taylor 52
Visions of the Cosmos Pictorial Andrei Sokolov Text F. C. Durant III 60
No Future in it Fiction Joe Haldeman Illustration Gottfried Helnwein 68
Galatea Galante Fiction Alfred Bester Illustration H, R, Giger 72
Alien Landscapes Pictorial Les Edwards, John Harris, Terry Oakes, and Tony Roberts 87
Kinsman Fiction Ben Bova Illustration John Schoenherr 94
Space Cities Pictorial Harry Harrison 102
Halfjack Fiction Roger Zelazny Illustration Michel Henricot 110
Sandkings Fiction George R. R. Martin Illustration Ernst Fuchs 114
Planet Story Pictorial Jim Burns and Harry Harrison 130
Arthur C. Clarke Interview and Illustration Malcolm S. Kirk 138

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