Best of Omni 2 – 1981

Title Type Author/Artist Secondary type Artist/Author Page
The Way of Cross and Dragon Fiction George R. R. Martin 4
Spaceships Paintings Various artists Text Arthur C. Clarke 12
The Longest Story Ever Told Fiction Hugh Downs 22
Down and Out on Ellfive Prime Fiction Dean Ing 24
Whale Song Fiction Leigh Kennedy 32
Controlled Experiment Fiction Rick Conley 37
21st-century Foss Paintings Christopher Foss 38
The Singing Diamond Fiction Dr. Robert L. Forward 46
Dune Paintings John Schoenherr, Text Frank Herbert 50
The Ancient Mind at Work Fiction Suzy McKee Chamas 58
The Chessmen Fiction William G. Shepherd 70
The Mickey Mouse Olympics Fiction Tom Sullivan 74
Time Warp Fiction Theodore Sturgeon 80
Star Seekers Paintings Various artists Text Robert Sheckley 88
The Weariest River Fiction Lloyd Biggle, Jr. 94
Lobotomy Shoals Fiction Juleen Brantingham 102
Invisible Stripes Fiction Ron Goulart 106
7 Wonders of the Universe Paintings Various artists Text Philip Dunn 112
A Thousand Deaths Fiction Orson Scott Card 118
Waiting for the Earthquake Fiction Robert Silverberg 125
The Language Clarifier Fiction Paul J Nahin 134
Time Travelers Paintings Various artists Text Ellen Datlow 138

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