Best of Omni 3 – 1982

Title Type Author/Artist Page
How Pro Writers Really Write – or Try to Fiction Robert Sheckley 4
Rent Control Fiction Walter Tevis 8
Space Witness Pictorial Bob T. McCall 12
Clap Hands and Sing Fiction Orson Scott Card 20
The Future Lost Fiction Robert Sheckley 25
The Test Fiction Stanislaw Lem 28
Tour of the Universe Pictorial Robert Holdstock and Malcolm Edwards 36
A Hiss of Dragon Fiction Gregory Benford and Marc Laidlaw 42
Message from Earth Fiction Ian Stewart 50
Newton’s Gift Fiction Paul J. Nahin 52
Celestial Visitations Pictorial Gilbert Williams 56
God Bless Them Fiction Gordon R. Dickson 60
The Rocks That Moved Fiction John Keefauver 74
The Vacuum-packed Picnic Fiction Rick Gauger 78
Adventure of the Metal Murderer Fiction Fred Saberhagen 70
Science Fiction and Survival Fiction Ben Bova 85
The Man Who Was Married to Space and Time Fiction Fritz Leiber 86
Stellar Technician Pictorial Vincent Pi Fate 90
Graveside Watch Fiction Edward H. Gandy 96
The Empath and the Savages Fiction John Morressy 102
The Thousand Cuts Fiction Ian Watson 108
Hell Creatures of the Third Planet Fiction Stephen Robinett 114
The Madagascar Event Fiction Robert Haisty 117
The Eyes on Butterflies’ Wings Fiction Patrice Duvic 120
Oil is Not Gold Fiction Sam Nicholson 126
The Cure Fiction Lewis Padgett 132
Orders of Magnitude Pictorial John Harris 138

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