Best of Omni 4 – 1982

Title Type Author/Artist Page
Omni Encore/part One
Our Lady of the Sauropods Fiction Robert Silverberg 6
Dreamtime Pictorial Various Artists 12
Marchianna Fiction Kevin O’Donnell, Jr. 20
Dark Sanctuary Fiction Gregory Benford 24
Sigmund in Space Fiction Barry N. Malzberg 29
Light Voyager Pictorial John Berkey 32
Valley of the Kilns Fiction James B.Hall 38
An Orson Scott Card Celebration
Fat Farm Fiction Orson Scott Card 44
Quietus Fiction Orson Scott Card 49
St. Amy’s Tale Fiction Orson Scott Card 54
Deep-breathing Exercises Fiction Orson Scott Card 62
Noble Savage Pictorial Boris Vallejo 66
Science Fiction Originals
Rubber Soul Fiction Spider Robinson 74
I Am Large. I Contain Multitudes Fiction Melisa Michaels 78
Love Calls Fiction Oxford W. Williams 80
Science Fiction Classics
Fondly Fahrenheit Fiction Alfred Bester 88
My Lady of the Psychiatric Sorrows Fiction Brian W. Aldiss 96
Omni Encore/part Two
Out of Luck Fiction Walter Tevis 102
Return from the Stars Fiction Stanislaw Lem 108
Transformations Pictorial Bob Venosa and Marshall Arisman 114
The President’s Image Fiction Stephen Robinett 118
Future Books Fiction Cynthia Darnell 121
Soul Search Fiction Spider Robinson 122
Save the Toad! Fiction Norman Spinrad 127
Giant on the Beach Fiction John Keefauver 128
Strike! Fiction Isaac Asimov 131
The Last Jerry Fagin Show Fiction John Morressy 132
Eastern Exposures Pictorial Various artists 138

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