Best of Omni 5 – 1983

Title Author/Artist Page
Omni Encore/Part One
Rautavaaras Case Philip K. Dick 6
A Tribute to Philip Philip Dick Michael Kurland 11
Only You Fanzy Sherwood Springer 12
Lesson One James Randi 14
Pictorial Rudolf Hausner 17
The Hunting of Hewlish Sam Nicholson 24
New is Beautiful Tony Holkham 32
A Robert Silverberg Celebration
Basileus Robert Silverberg 40
The Soul Painter and the Shapeshifter Robert Silverberg 48
The Palace at Midnight Robert Silverberg 56
An Appreciation Harlan Ellison 63
Science Fiction Classics
Helen O’Loy Lester del Rey 66
Pictorial Chesley Bonestell 71
Down There Damon Knight 78
Science Fiction Originals
The Touch Gregory Benford 84
The Lost Secret Laurence M. Janifer 88
There Were People on Bikini William Tenn 96
Village of the Chosen Alan Dean Foster 101
Omni Encore/Part Two
Malthus’s Day Jayge Carr 108
Pictorial Gervasio Gallardo 113
Body Ball John Keefauver 120
Prime Time Norman Spinrad 124
In the Hereafter Hilton Bob Shaw 130
And Whether Pigs Have Wings Nancy Kress 134
Pictorial Ernst Fuchs 139

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