Best of Omni 6 – 1983

Title Author Page
Omni Encore/Part One
A Sepulcher of Songs Orson Scott Card 6
Johnny Mnemonic William Gibson 16
Pictorial Paul Wunderlich 23
A Harlan Ellison Celebration
Chained to the Fast Lane in the Red Queen’s Race Harlan Ellison 32
When Auld’s Acquaintance is Forgot Harlan Ellison 38
On the Slab Harlan Ellison 42
An Appreciation Robert Silverberg 47
Science Fiction Originals
A Blossom in Ares Jack Massa 50
Pictorial Rowena Morrill 57
A Brief Dance to the Music of the Spheres Michael Kurland 66
The Holy Father Michael Cassutt 70
Intermezzo Melisa Michaels 76
Science Fiction Classics
Kyrie Poul Anderson 84
The Hero as Werwolf Gene Wolfe 90
Omni Encore/Part Two
Angel at the Gate Russell M. Griffin 100
Standing Woman Tsutsui Yasutaka 108
A Cage for Death Ian Watson 113
The Microbotic Revolution Ian Stewart 118
Last Waltz Warren Brown 124
God is an Iron Spider Robinson 128
Pictorial Pete Turner 135

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