Volume 13

October 1990 to September 1991

Vol.:No. YYYY:MM Page Title Section Author
13:01 1990:10 10 First Word The heated debate over flag burning: Should there be limits to our freedoms? Robert H. Bork
13:01 1990:10 14 Omnibus The Who’s Who of contributing authors.
13:01 1990:10 16 Communications Readers’ writes.
13:01 1990:10 18 Mind Are the desirable traits we seek in a mate biologically programmed? Shari Rudavsky
13:01 1990:10 22 Artificial Intelligence A Soviet game designer knows how to play with your psyche and hook you into computer games. Keith Ferrell
13:01 1990:10 24 Body Lower back pain? A new device can screen for potential injury by testing weakness. Peter Cassidy
13:01 1990:10 25 Earth Croaking frogs aren’t singing our praises: According to researchers, the decline of amphibians is attributed to human intervention. Cathy Spencer
13:01 1990:10 26 Space How to travel without reservations: Leave your fear of flying and your luggage at home for a trip that’s out of this world. Steve Ditlea
13:01 1990:10 28 Explorations On the Fritz: The sounds of dawn rise through the still air and fall on a human-looking recorder. John Grossmann
13:01 1990:10 30 Arts Coming attractions: This fall will usher in a slew of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror films that promise high-tech entertainment. A.J.S. Rayl
13:01 1990:10 33 Continuum What’s the bright idea? Teamwork based on brain dominance; why it’s hard on female transsexuals; yes, children, you can fool Mother Nature; finally, a good excuse not to exercise.
13:01 1990:10 42 Why Can’t A Man Be More Like A Woman.. .and Vice Versa The differences between men and women are deep-rooted-in the brain, that is. Researchers are finding physical evidence for cognitive disparities and, perhaps, for sexual preferences. Kathryn Phillips
13:01 1990:10 52 Dancing In Dreamtime Fiction: Will a combination of ancient magic and modern technology succeed in waking the dying Earth from its slumber? Scott Russell Sanders
13:01 1990:10 59 Tracing The Masters’ Strokes Pictorial: Computer artist Lillian Schwartz takes bytes from art’s past and keys into its future. Bob Berger
13:01 1990:10 70 Interview It’s 1990; do you know what sex you are? Neuroscientist Roger Gorski tells of his controversial work on the effects of sex hormones on the brain’s structure and function. Douglas Stein
13:01 1990:10 80 Blurring The Lines. Our concept of masculinity and femininity is being redefined by both society and surgery. Read about stereotypes giving way to androgyny, then take our quiz on sexual characteristics (page 88). Don Monkerud
13:01 1990:10 90 Something About A Death, Something About A Fire Fiction: The Magic Taxi is a joy for kids and an enigma for adults; for Bobo it’s a destiny that verges on miracles. Peter Straub
13:01 1990:10 96 Inside Story The Soviet spaceport Baikonur was once a supersecret no Westerner could penetrate. This NASA insider.journeyed there freely and came home with an unprecedented look at life for the resident cosmonauts and workers. James Oberg
13:01 1990:10 105 Antimatter South African sightings: Witchcraft or UFOs? Uncovering proof about the yeti; is Satan getting a bad rap?
13:01 1990:10 114 Stars Astronomical fantasies: If offered unlimited funds, what would fulfill an astronomer’s dream? Randall Black
13:01 1990:10 144 Star Tech Accessing the future.
13:01 1990:10 147 The Omni Arcade This month’s games will have you grabbing a pencil, banging away on your keyboard, or even lunging for your joystick.
13:01 1990:10 152 Last Word A taste explosion with every mouthful of thermonuclear salad or super collider guacamole. Charles Memminger
13:02 1990:11 6 First Word Why are millions of kids dying every year of starvation when there’s a worldwide food surplus? Sally Struthers
13:02 1990:11 8 Omnibus The Who’s Who of contributing authors.
13:02 1990:11 10 Communications Readers’ writes.
13:02 1990:11 14 Stars It’s all done with mirrors: Bringing the heavens down to Earth was Angel’s miracle. The latest telescope lenses are giving us a clearer view of outer space. Victor Dricks
13:02 1990:11 18 Arts What kind of interiors can you expect from a designer who looks to science fiction for inspiration and to God for approval? Tom Dworetzky
13:02 1990:11 20 Mind Warning: Keeping those dirty thoughts to yourself may be hazardous to your health. Anthony Liversidge
13:02 1990:11 22 Body New ray of hope? Drills, needles^ and pain are biting the dust in dental offices. John Robert Marlow
13:02 1990:11 24 Earth Down under: The scarcity of metropolitan sites in Japan won’t stop expansion; they’re now planning an entire underground city. Steve Nadis
13:02 1990:11 28 Space Once travel to the stars is feasible, will the trip be worth taking? Nicholas Booth
13:02 1990:11 32 Explorations The iceman is making a comeback: DNA from prehistoric blood is playing the leading role in finding our roots. Linda Marsa
13:02 1990:11 33 Continuum A giant leap in genetic disease research isn’t raising hopes for those afflicted. It’s 1990; do you know who your parents are? Deathtrap: For some males, sex can be fatal. If you’re not attending church, you may be sacrificing your health.
13:02 1990:11 42 Making Fun Live out your fantasies: Tomorrow’s theme parks will stimulate your mind and excite your senses. Millions of dollars are going into creating new interactive, computer-simulated rides. Today’s amusement park favorite, however, is still the roller coaster. We look at the fastest, most frightening rides to suffer through. A.J.S. Rayl
13:02 1990:11 50 Tower Of Babylon Fiction: The tower had been completed, and in a short while the workers would break into heaven. But would they encounter God’s wrath or wisdom? Ted Chiang
13:02 1990:11 68 The Airtight Garage Pictorial: Framed by the Russians: French cartoonist Jean (Moebius) Giraud will have his comic strip captured on film in the Soviet Union. Kellee Monahan
13:02 1990:11 72 Truth & Consequences Roger Boisjoly warned NASA before the Challenger disaster. Not only was he ignored; he was demoted. Others have also suffered for their honesty. When will these heroes be honored? Jeff Goldberg
13:02 1990:11 78 Interview Just say, “Ow!”: Nobel prize-winner Sir James Black developed wonder drugs to alleviate ulcer pain and treat heart disease. What’s next for this miracle maker? Douglas Stein
13:02 1990:11 84 The Mechanics Of Mysticism Yogis and holy men have long demonstrated supernatural control over breathing and heart rate. But how well would their “powers” stand up to the rigors of scientific testing? the studies produced some startling results. Patrick Tierney
13:02 1990:11 90 Apres Moi Fiction: It wasn’t fair; Allen always got his way. When would his lucky streak end? Gardner Dozois
13:02 1990:11 97 Antimatter Pilot program: The search for UFO witnesses. Dreams may reveal your unconscious thoughts, but can they also predict the future? Does your cat like to roam away from home? Maybe your pet’s a Sagittarian. Is a five-year-old Spanish boy the reincarnation of a great Buddhist lama?
13:02 1990:11 137 The Omni Arcade The latest in computer and video games, plus the results of Competition #51. Bob Lindstrom , Scot Morris
13:02 1990:11 142 Star Tech Lightweight and powerful – the newest laptop computers promise to perform as well as the homebound versions. Steve Fox
13:02 1990:11 144 Last Word How well would you fare on the Nicholson Scale? Are you merely psychotic or the Devil reincarnated? Judy Nollet
13:03 1990:12 8 First Word The success of nations depends on people’s fluency in science. Dr. Samuel Broder
13:03 1990:12 10 Omnibus Contributing authors
13:03 1990:12 12 Communications Readers’ writes
13:03 1990:12 16 Stars If extraterrestrial intelligence does exist, why haven’t we observed any evidence? Thomas R. McDonough
13:03 1990:12 17 Law Electronic Frontier Foundation: Defending hackers against crimefighters. Bill Lawren
13:03 1990:12 18 Mind The cough suppressant you bought might also combat your memory loss. Jeff Goldberg
13:03 1990:12 20 Body A painkiller developed ten years ago could be a real antidote to drug addiction. Kathleen McAuliffe
13:03 1990:12 22 Earth Lighting technology in the future will use holograms to provide natural light. Dana Points
13:03 1990:12 26 Space The cosmonauts’ experience with the Soviet space station is providing NASA with invaluable information to avoid making similar mistakes. James Oberg
13:03 1990:12 28 Arts Little Green Men: Is the country really ready for their mind-altering space jazz music? Richard Broderick
13:03 1990:12 30 Artificial Intelligence Self-improving computers: Algorithms can help software evolve to meet new and growing demands. Steve Ditlea
13:03 1990:12 33 Continuum The importance of whale watching, plus mood foods, space trash collectors, naming planets, microwavable eyesight, and 3-D TV.
13:03 1990:12 42 The Big Ear The search for extraterrestrial intelligence: The coming generation. The first messages from space will probably arrive in the form of radio waves. Will astronomers in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, be the first to make contact? Dennis Overbye
13:03 1990:12 50 Snapshots From The Butterfly Plague Fiction: You survived Alfred Hitchcock’s birds. How will you fare against this new winged threat? Michael Bishop
13:03 1990:12 60 Field Of Dreams? Pictorial:Are the mysterious circles on British farmlands proof of UFOs? Scientists say they know the truth. Dava Sobel
13:03 1990:12 68 Freedom Trail Traveling through Eastern Europe, a documentary filmmaker reports on what the future holds for the people of the former Communist bloc countries. Rob Fruchtman
13:03 1990:12 74 Interview Farouk el-Baz usually explores upward into outer space. Now he’s reaching into Egypt’s pyramids and other archaeological sites and divining the future of the planet based on its past. Thomas Bass
13:03 1990:12 82 The Dead Love You Fiction: After car owner Anthea Powell is involved in a mysterious auto collision, she quickly discovers that even maximum insurance coverage will not guarantee full protection from a vengeful motorist- but she has effective ways of protecting herself. Jonathan Carroll
13:03 1990:12 90 What The Government Isn’t Saying About Ufos The cosmic Watergate: What’s known and what’s covered up. Is the federal government embarrassed by its own UFO investigations? The Alien Almanac A guide to UFOs: Inside a flying saucer, abductee confessions, plus: Are you a human-alien hybrid? Patrick Huyghe
13:03 1990:12 112 Books The Leningrad Bible: High-resolution images of the world’s oldest known Hebrew text will provide new facts about the writing – and editing – of the Bible. Linda Marsa
13:03 1990:12 118 Phenomenon The creation of one man, this universe may exist only in his computer. Bob Berger
13:03 1990:12 139 The Omni Arcade The latest computer and video games. Pickles that glow in the dark. Bob Lindstrom , Scot Morris
13:03 1990:12 146 Star Tech Techno-tools of tomorrow
13:03 1990:12 148 Last Word Questionable answers to age-old quandaries. Merry Morris
13:05 1991:02 10 First Word Is beauty in the eye of the beholder – or only in the minds of lawmakers and fundamentalists who judge art on the basis of content and not quality? A Pulitzer prizewinner puts the future of free expression in perspective. Arthur Miller
13:05 1991:02 14 Forum Science can be glorious entertainment if we give our children’s teachers the freedom to be creative. Keith Ferrell
13:05 1991:02 16 Omnibus The Who’s Who of contributing authors
13:05 1991:02 17 Communications Readers’ writes
13:05 1991:02 18 The 1991 Great Treasure Hunt Will you make a withdrawal from our cache machine?
13:05 1991:02 24 Mind Mapping electronic traffic in the brain demonstrates how far Al must evolve before it can replicate brain functions. Gregory T. Pope
13:05 1991:02 25 Space The Soviets claim their shuttle ejection system will save lives. The problem: Convincing the rest of the world. James Oberg
13:05 1991:02 28 Body Giving the limbless a new Sense-of-Feel in their prosthetic feet will also aid paraplegics, diabetics, and others. Mary Glucksman
13:05 1991:02 30 Animals When they’re not feeling up to par, chimps raid nature’s medicine cabinet. Now they’re sharing their secrets with us. Beth Howard
13:05 1991:02 33 Continuum The future of education in Czechoslovakia; zero-gravity dentistry; the southpaw revolution; intelligent clothes; safe sex of the simulated kind; armpits for the sake of science; and more.
13:05 1991:02 42 A Poison In Every Caldron Dangerous toxins: With nations continuing to develop biological and chemical weapons, here’s our assessment of the arsenal and how it will shape the future of war and peace. Plus: A global guide to who has chemical weapons. W. E. Gutman
13:05 1991:02 50 Volatile Vacuum Imagine: Unlimited, free energy fueling our cities and homes; computers more powerful than the human brain; cardboard-thin televisions. Zero-point energy could turn physics on its head. Owen Davies
13:05 1991:02 58 Dream Cargoes Fiction: After the world abandons the Prospero, the ship runs aground off a garbage island where its toxic contents have a strange and wondrous effect on the ecology. J. G. Ballard
13:05 1991:02 65 The Mathematical Gardener Pictorial: The formulas used in the creation of these graphic flowers could be the basis of the mathematical rules that govern the development of plant life around the world. Sandy Fritz
13:05 1991:02 74 Interview In the mid-Seventies, Bruce Ames initiated the hunt for man-made carcinogens. Today he advocates eating produce sprayed with pesticides. Plus, opinions from several of his leading detractors. Bill Moseley
13:05 1991:02 82 Peter Fiction: Now all grown up, Wendy and the boys wait for their leader, who promised to return every spring. Pat Murphy
13:05 1991:02 89 Antimatter Child abuse, near-death experiences, and alien abductions: Is there a link? Budd Hopkins versus mental health professionals; skeptics and their horoscopes; reptilian publicity.
13:05 1991:02 114 Star Tech Techno-tools of tomorrow
13:05 1991:02 118 Video Games The best games of the year Bob Lindstrom
13:05 1991:02 120 Games Try these cockeyed concoctions, then create your own mixed-up drinks in Competition #52. Scot Morris
13:05 1991:02 122 Last Word Humor: This gutter guru will divine the future by reading your car’s oil spills. Helen McKenna
13:06 1991:03 10 First Word The Berlin Wall’s down; female military enrollment is up. The U.S. secretary of defense reveals how defense policy is being shaped by the end of the Cold War and the ongoing technological and political revolutions. Dick Cheney
13:06 1991:03 12 Forum Astronaut Michael Collins makes a case for a manned mission to Mars. Keith Ferrell
13:06 1991:03 14 Omnibus The Who’s Who of contributing authors
13:06 1991:03 18 Communications Readers’ writes
13:06 1991:03 22 Space Storms in the ionosphere can disrupt vital satellite communications. New sensors will help forecast nasty space weather.
13:06 1991:03 26 Mind What do Donald Trump, Ivan Boesky, and Gary Hart have in common? They were victims of their own success: The immense pressures they faced upon their climb to the top caused them to tumble back down the ladder of success. Janel Bladow
13:06 1991:03 30 Earth Frozen in time: Gases and other elements trapped in ancient layers of ice in Greenland are yielding clues to the future behavior of the atmosphere. Steven Scott Smith
13:06 1991:03 33 Continuum Diverse species of plants live in harmony on the Irish coast; the truth about Billy the Kid; stress and stupidity; the littlest moon; electric tricycles; and more.
13:06 1991:03 42 Bach To The Future Roll over, Beethoven, and tell Tchaikovsky the news. Composer Tod Machover of the MIT Media Lab is creating new computer-based musical instruments that sound, literally, like nothing ever heard before. Never again will it be the same old song. Gurney Williams III
13:06 1991:03 50 Mechanimals Have artificial intelligence researchers been aiming too high by attempting to simulate the thought processes of the human mind? Some scientists think so and have turned their attention from human intelligence to something simpler-animal intelligence. Will mechanical cats soon chase robot mice? Tom Dworetzky
13:06 1991:03 56 The Last Surviving Veteran Of The War Of San Francisco Fiction: In a North America made up of independent city-states, James Crawford is taken from his nursing home to the Empire of San Francisco for the centennial celebration of the war in which he was a hero. Robert Silverberg
13:06 1991:03 63 Photosynthesis Pictorial: Take water and carbon dioxide, add sunlight, and voila! Oxygen and food. Computer-enhanced photos of a complex process that gives us air. Isaac Asimov
13:06 1991:03 68 Interview An aftershock of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake was finding that seismologist Allan Lindh had predicted it in 1983. Now he’s trying to make quake prediction and warning a more exact science. Esther Wanning
13:06 1991:03 73 Antimatter Make your own fake UFO photo with a model, some string, and a home computer; Cremora from heaven; Bigfoot’s European cousin; Valium and UFO abductions; getting ghosts on tape; and more.
13:06 1991:03 102 Star Tech Binoculars, cameras, and video printers; Focus in on the future of video products.
13:06 1991:03 104 Games For the science-minded philatelist: Stamps riddled with scientific errors, all with factual bloopers, physical impossibilities, or goofs. Scot Morris
13:06 1991:03 106 Computer Games And the winner is… This survey of the best games of the year honors the tops in such categories as role-playing games, arcade games, puzzle games, strategy games, and adventure games. Bob Lindstrom
13:06 1991:03 108 Last Word You think watching hours of television is harmful to young minds? In the twenty-first century, reading can kill you. Beware the dreaded compulsive literacy disorder: For the thousands of CLD victims, well-read is dead. Khephra Burns
13:07 1991:04 10 First Word The U.S. doesn’t have to lose its global technological leadership to Japan or Europe. To compete in the future, the former director of the National Science Foundation recommends a new concentration on the creation of knowledge in the form of research and development. Erich Bloch
13:07 1991:04 12 Forum From the office to the war in the Persian Gulf, communications technology is changing the world and our perceptions of it. Can we- and will we-use our new tools to reach out to other peoples and work toward peace and understanding? Keith Ferrell
13:07 1991:04 14 Omnibus The Who’s Who of contributing authors
13:07 1991:04 18 Communications Readers’ writes
13:07 1991:04 20 Transportation Supersafe automated systems are taking over more and more of pilots’ duties in airplane cockpits. They may eliminate human error, but they’ve got some problems of their own. Martin Caidin
13:07 1991:04 24 Earth Pollution fills the mighty Mississippi River Huck Finn sailed. A group of folksy but dedicated activists has pledged to clean up the river-all 2,550 miles of it. Rebecca Norris
13:07 1991:04 25 Continuum Waiter, there’s a weasel in my wine; in the battle of the bacteria, salmonella KOs ? typhoid fever; Soviet scientists for hire, cheap; and more.
13:07 1991:04 34 The Constant Office “I have to get away from the office,” you say. But can you really remove yourself from the workplace? Our special report looks at advances in communications, as well as how information technology will transform business management. Plus, the psychological effects of office automation. Fredric Paul
13:07 1991:04 55 Animals In Exile Pictorial: Wildlife photographers often set out to capture animals in their natural habitats- jungles, wilderness, grassy plains. James Balog photographs them in their contemporary habitats-cramped zoos, preserves, and amusement parks. The animals who once ruled the earth now have no place on it. Pamela Weintraub
13:07 1991:04 66 Interview Upon observing people at work, author Shoshana Zuboff discovered that the ubiquitous office computer has changed workplace relationships, culture, and politics. Doug Stewart
13:07 1991:04 73 Antimatter Queens, home of the Mets and UFOs; three bedrooms, river view, and a ghost; an early grave for pet cemeteries?; kids can have near-death experiences, too; and more.
13:07 1991:04 96 Star Tech The latest gadgets for the modern office
13:07 1991:04 42 Fiction Alien/Nation. Three provocative and surprisingly funny stories.
13:07 1991:04 54 They’re Made Out Of Meat Fiction: Two aliens discover a rather disgusting sentient race. Terry Bisson
13:07 1991:04 43 What I Did To Blunt The Alien Invasion Fiction: Only one man can stop the aliens. In fact, he’s the only one who knows they’re here. Barry N. Malzberg
13:07 1991:04 50 Along The Midway Of The Carnival Of Souls Fiction: Two thumbs up for these new Hollywood blockbusters. William Relling, Jr.
13:07 1991:04 98 Software Ensemble brings a Macintosh-style user interface and an assortment of easy-to-learn programs to even the oldest PCs at a bargain price. John Voelcker
13:07 1991:04 100 Computer Games So you want to be a dictator. Instead of taking over a small Latin American country, play PowerMonger. Then tour Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings, which pays homage to Tolkien. Bob Lindstrom
13:07 1991:04 102 Games While the boss may find it subversive, office bulletin-board humor has become a form of modern urban folklore. Take a look at these classics and then send us yours. Scot Morris
13:07 1991:04 104 Last Word You can’t take your work with you everywhere-or can you? Introducing the Incessant Office, which brings the work to you. Robert Bixby
13:08 1991:05 10 First Word No single strategy can answer America’s present and future energy needs, but past decisions limit access to many energy options. So says the U.S. secretary of energy, who argues that Bush’s strategy will provide for an energy future that is both environmentally and economically sound. Admiral James Watkins
13:08 1991:05 12 Forum Osage, Iowa, boasts clean streets, freshly painted houses, lots of shady maple trees-and one of the country’s top energy conservation programs. Beth Howard
13:08 1991:05 14 Omnibus The Who’s Who of contributing authors
13:08 1991:05 18 Communications Readers’ writes
13:08 1991:05 22 Earth The powerful conversion of an actor who practices the energy conservation he preaches. Ed Begley, Jr.
13:08 1991:05 25 Continuum A farmer’s life: Plowing the fields, harvesting the crops, checking the rise and fall of grain options on the home computer; the benefits of botulism; New Jersey, the astronomy state; microorganisms are eating our highways; and more.
13:08 1991:05 34 Perpetual Power Will renewable sources power society in the future? While weaning the world away from oil will be a long, tough process, some mavericks have been paving the way for cheaper, cleaner, saner energy. Tom Dworetzky
13:08 1991:05 40 Good To The Last Drop A lot of the world’s oil is playing hard to get. To capture the elusive elixir, fuel companies are boiling oily rocks and returning to wells thought to be pumped dry to slurp up the last few ounces. Phil Scott
13:08 1991:05 44 The Omni Energy Efficiency Guide Want to conserve energy, but not sure how? Just follow our very simple, practical tips on how you can save power at home, at work, and on the road. Shari Rudavsky
13:08 1991:05 50 Alternative Sources: A Status Report (Authors) look at the rivals of oil. Solar and nuclear power are still in the running, but they are getting some stiff competition from cow manure and the earth’s steamy interior. Ben Barber, Steve Nadis, Dana Points, Beth Livermore, Steven Scott Smith, Mary McDonnell
13:08 1991:05 54 Art For A Brave New World Pictorial: Like Rodney Dangerfield, computer art gets no respect. Artist Barbara Nessim hopes that she can redeem the field with a brand-new exhibit that shows off its brightest side. Robert K.J. Killheffer
13:08 1991:05 62 Interview In 1957 Vernon Mountcastle discovered how the cerebral cortex is organized. Today he still delves deep into the brain to find the link between the organ’s structure and perception. Kathleen Stein
13:08 1991:05 66 A Kiss, A Wink, A Grassy Knoll Fiction: Edgar and Natalie fall in love while editing the Zapruder film of John Kennedy’s assassination for a music video. As tension builds between the couple and Natalie’s husband, Edgar comes to a startling conclusion about what happened that day in Dallas. Jack Womack
13:08 1991:05 77 Antimatter Was the alleged alien landing in New Mexico in 1947 really just a lot of hot air?; flu-causing sunspots; bagging Bigfoot; and more.
13:08 1991:05 102 Video Games The only thing John Madden Football is missing is the touchdown dance. Also, players can tackle aliens in Battle Squadron, nasty dolls in Mendel Palace, and an entire city in Rampage. Bob Lindstrom
13:08 1991:05 104 Games What’s in a word? Anagrams, palindromes, unusual records, and fun. Scot Morris
13:08 1991:05 106 Star Tech Techno-toys of tomorrow
13:08 1991:05 108 Last Word Forget saving the earth. It’s just going to be paved over anyway. Here’re a few suggestions for hastening the earth’s inevitable fate as the universe’s parking lot. Darryl Henriques
13:09 1991:06 8 First Word Scientists won’t be the only ones to benefit from a new, superfast computer. You’ll use it, promises this Intel Corporation executive, to improve business and explore Mars. Justin Rattner
13:09 1991:06 9 Omnibus The Who’s Who of contributing authors
13:09 1991:06 10 The Home Office Of 2020 Work will be a breeze by the time two decades of the next century has passed. Our special section speculates about the ultimate home office and future reading habits. And Nobel laureate Arno Penzias follows Rachel, a college student, as she works with a robot and writes her thesis at the bus stop. Keith Ferrell
13:09 1991:06 18 Communications Readers’ writes
13:09 1991:06 20 Earth A nineteenth-century law that makes federal lands a bargain buy for mining companies is no bargain for the local environment. Beth Howard
13:09 1991:06 22 Space Blastoff: A new family of U.S. launch vehicles is on the way. Jerry Grey
13:09 1991:06 26 Digs You can’t always believe what you read, especially when it’s 1,100 years old and commissioned by boastful Mayan kings. Gregory T. Pope
13:09 1991:06 28 Mind The neural processes that allow animals to distinguish smells provide clues about memory formation. Jeff Goldberg
13:09 1991:06 30 Arts Aliens, robots, and monsters, oh my: The summer’s -. science-fiction movies promise both whimsy and terror. A.J.S. Rayl
13:09 1991:06 32 Artificial Intelligence The ailing Soviet nuclear power industry is getting much-needed help from the most powerful computers ever sold to the Eastern bloc. Fred Guteri
13:09 1991:06 33 Continuum The inside out flower; the light bulb that glows in the dark; the ultimate in natural-fiber clothing; and more.
13:09 1991:06 42 The Business Of Being Green Saving the earth is not only politically correct, it’s profitable, too. Environmentally sound production makes good business sense, forcing “dirty” firms to clean up their act to stay competitive. Melanie Menagh
13:09 1991:06 50 One World, One Currency A single market, many currencies; If not even a unified Europe can commit to one monetary system, what hope is there for a global currency? Ellen Hoffman
13:09 1991:06 58 A Pocket Full Of Miracles Banks, credit card issuers, and other institutions are going to put your money in computer chips-literally. Smart cards carry chips containing your charge and bank accounts. Lamont Wood
13:09 1991:06 65 A Brush With Genius Pictorial: The premier science-fiction illustrator of his day, Frank R. Paul created the very look of science-fiction art. Like the best of the fiction that it brought to visual life, his work is timeless. Forrest J. Ackerman
13:09 1991:06 70 Johnny Come Home Fiction: In turn-of-the-century Russia, a refuge for Americans fleeing their repressive country, a psychic looks for her brother, who has escaped to a more enticing world. Pat Cadigan
13:09 1991:06 76 Interview Like the town marshals in classic westerns, economist-for-hire Jeffrey Sachs faces down the bad guy-inflation- and wins. Anthony Liversidge
13:09 1991:06 81 Antimatter Amnesiac aliens; Norse gods in Mexico; pygmy elephants in Africa; and voices in your head.
13:09 1991:06 106 Video Games Keep self-destructive lemmings alive, and give kids the nonviolent Mixed-Up Mother Goose game. Bob Lindstrom
13:09 1991:06 110 Games Computers have almost mastered chess, but they’re novices at the ancient, complex game called Go. Scot Morris
13:09 1991:06 112 Last Word Beware of the big bucks! Money is harmful to your health. Jerry Benson
13:10 1991:07 8 First Word The light of glasnost has revealed a Soviet space program badly in need of rejuvenation. But the Soviet Union’s economic crisis, warns this ex-Soviet space official, may force the public to choose between food and rockets. Roald Sagdeev
13:10 1991:07 9 Omnibus The Who’s Who of contributing authors
13:10 1991:07 10 Communications Readers’ writes
13:10 1991:07 12 Space Having mastered the art of gradually cornering vulnerable high-tech markets, Japan turns its attention to the commercial space arena. It’s learned how to be a contender without being a big spender. Jerry Grey
13:10 1991:07 14 Transportation If it’s three o’clock, this must be Spain: Travelers will zoom in comfort through Europe on a high-speed rail network now on the drawing board. W. E. Gutman
13:10 1991:07 18 Earth The world’s oldest living giant trees stand deep in a Chilean forest, but their days may be numbered. Shari Rudavsky
13:10 1991:07 20 Books The profits from Project Solar Sail will help send solar sails to the moon. Patricia Barnes-Svarney
13:10 1991:07 25 Continuum Vindicating vegetarianism; beware the monster sand dunes; the toilet plunger-out of the bathroom and into the operating room; and more.
13:10 1991:07 34 Rim Shots Considered too remote for the Apollo program, the Pacific Rim has become the hotspot for spaceports in the works. But a boom in space launches in the Pacific could sound the death knell for the U.S. space industry. Tom Dworetzky
13:10 1991:07 42 Spaceward Ho! The covered wagons may look a little different, but we’ll settle space much the same way we did the Western frontier-with the government leading the way. Private industry will need federal help to develop space, just as it did to build the West’s railroads and dams. Ben Bova, Stephen L. Gillett
13:10 1991:07 50 The Greenhouse Effect: Apocalypse Now Or Chicken Little? While the scientists predict that the most drastic results of the greenhouse effect won’t be felt for some years, a lot of people are already getting hot under the collar. Taking a look at the planet’s periodic climate changes might help them-and the earth- cool down. Robert Silverberg
13:10 1991:07 56 Dugald Stermer: Illustrator Of The Lost Ark Pictorial. Lost Ark. Where the wild things are: Drawing the animals one by one, Dugald Stermer creates a naturalistic Noah’s Ark. Sandy Fritz
13:10 1991:07 62 Interview W. French Anderson has not only unlocked many of the secrets locked in DNA, he has also put them to practical use. Kathleen McAuliffe
13:10 1991:07 67 Stigmata Fiction: Deep in the tangled, vibrant rain forest, a man struggles to escape his memories of a lost love and searches for truth. Antimatter A UFO unites contentious Belgium; vampire bats may be moving to Florida, but they’re not retiring; a modern-day Dracula and the original’s stolen ring; and more. Robert Frazier
13:10 1991:07 98 Star Tech Tools for the twenty-first century
13:10 1991:07 100 Video Games A look at the new game systems shows that undisputed champion Nintendo has some serious challengers. The quality and availability of games will determine which systems can go the distance. Bob Lindstrom
13:10 1991:07 102 Games At a puzzle convention, enthusiasts display the latest unconventional creations. Scot Morris
13:10 1991:07 104 Last Word There are no new ideas, only old radio waves masquerading as new ideas. Stan Sinberg
13:11 1991:08 6 First Word The press periodically trumpets the news of a decline or revival in American religion. Sociologist and novelist Andrew Greeley contends that these shifts merely reflect the relative youth or maturation of the country’s population. Father Andrew Greeley
13:11 1991:08 8 Omnibus The Who’s Who of contributing authors
13:11 1991:08 10 Forum Reason to believe: In spite of evil, in spite of death, belief in the various incarnations of God continues to thrive. What inspires people to keep the faith, and what happens when it no longer answers all the questions? Murray Cox
13:11 1991:08 14 Communications Readers’ writes
13:11 1991:08 18 Earth Residents of trendy Southern California love imported water: Perrier, Evian, and the like. They may soon be deluged with a different variety – from Antarctic icebergs. Curt Wohleber
13:11 1991:08 22 Political Science Getting the lead out: Dan Quayle’s Council on Competitiveness kills a lead-recycling bill because the costs outweigh the benefits – saving lives and the environment. Tom Dworetzky
13:11 1991:08 25 Continuum Pedaling into the future; a monkey who has a knife and knows how to use it; the benefits of blood-sucking leeches; MIT is a funny place – really; the plants they are a-changin’; radio astronomers request the sounds of silence; and more.
13:11 1991:08 34 Great Wall Of The Cosmos Six years ago, two respected astronomers discovered that nearby galaxies fell into a distinct pattern rather than being scattered randomly across space. The revelation of cosmic architecture could answer fundamental questions about the universe’s origin. Andrew Chaikin
13:11 1991:08 42 The Mind Of God Science defines most aspects of modern life – why the earth doesn’t float off into space, why the seasons change, how fax machines work. But science has always been at a loss to prove the existence of God. As scientific technology improves, will God prove less elusive? A.J.S. Rayl, K. T. McKinney
13:11 1991:08 50 Techno-wizards And Couch Potatoes Technology promises us a brave new world. But many denizens of that world don’t speak its language: They can’t program computers or even a VCR. If knowledge is power, then technological illiteracy means oppression. Kenneth R. Hey
13:11 1991:08 54 Backdraft Pictorial. Casualties of war: Sunlight barely reaches the skies above Kuwait, thick with smoke from the relentlessly burning oil wells. How long will the darkness last? Beth Howard
13:11 1991:08 60 Interview The big picture: Author Morris Berman’ doesn’t shy away from the major issues – truth, God, reality, knowledge. Maybe he doesn’t have the answers, but he has formed some disturbing, fascinating theories. Murray Cox
13:11 1991:08 66 Voices Fiction: The day the music died: Crocker says he talks to the dead and dares his doubtful friend Steve to accompany him to a funeral. There Steve finds magic and a balm for his hidden grief. Jack Dann
13:11 1991:08 75 Antimatter Seen a UFO? Reach out and tell someone about it – for a price; if Henry Vlll’s wives had watched what he ate, they might have kept1 their heads; and more.
13:11 1991:08 98 Star Tech Techno-tools of tomorrow
13:11 1991:08 100 Computer Games The best of both worlds: Multiplayer games allow contestants to interact with each other without leaving their homes. The computer becomes the conduit rather than the opponent. Jay Kee
13:11 1991:08 102 Games Don’t drink the drinks – at least not the entries in our mixed-up drinks contest. Scot Morris
13:11 1991:08 104 Last Word Mechanics – who needs them? You can fix your car with some deep breathing and a little imagination. D. Patrick Miller
13:12 1991:09 8 First Word The Nobel laureate explains why cold fusion won’t solve our energy woes and why conventional fusion might. Glenn T. Seaborg
13:12 1991:09 10 Omnibus The Who’s Who of contributing authors
13:12 1991:09 18 Space Near-Earth asteroids have gotten a bum rap. Sure, they veer unnervingly close to the earth, but they’re also bursting with valuable materials. . Some scientists think we should pay one a neighborly visit. Devera Pine
13:12 1991:09 12 Communications Readers’ writes
13:12 1991:09 14 Digs Bring out your dead: A few late residents of a long-vanished town could have a lot to say about life in colonial times. Curt Wohleber
13:12 1991:09 16 Artificial Intelligence Attention, computer scientists! You have ten years to create a real-life Hal by 2001. Lloyd Chrein
13:12 1991:09 23 Political Science It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. When it comes to industrial policy, the Bush administration prefers not to play at all. Tom Dworetzky
13:12 1991:09 26 Mind So’s your mother: Name-calling, rude remarks, and obscenities abound in messages sent over computer networks. Doug Stewart
13:12 1991:09 30 Tools Go build a kite; to patent something, get a lawyer, not a videotape; and more. Sandy Fritz
13:12 1991:09 33 Continuum The New World was old news when Columbus found it; gum that would probably keep its flavor on the bedpost overnight; and more.
13:12 1991:09 42 Crystal Globe There are no tall, dark, handsome strangers in sight. Instead, these predictions tackle the future of warfare, the environment, and more. Marvin Cetron , Owen Davies
13:12 1991:09 60 Life Regarded As A Jigsaw Puzzle Of Highly Lustrous Cats Fiction: You’ve got nothing against cats. You’ve got nothing for them, either. But you find that they have haunted your life from childhood to marriage to your horrifying job. Michael Bishop
13:12 1991:09 66 Legends On The Screen Pictorial: Lillian Schwartz uses the computer as a digital fun house mirror, blending different images to create a wholly modern form of portrait art. Sandy Fritz
13:12 1991:09 74 Interview RU 486 has realized biochemist Etienne-Emile Baulieu’s dream of creating an “abortion pill,” but dealing with the resulting political furor has proved a nightmare. Thomas Bass
13:12 1991:09 83 Antimatter UFO investigator: It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure; elderly women with bloodshot eyes should definitely avoid Tanzania; a wounded psychic goes to court; they poison bats, don’t they?; and more.
13:12 1991:09 100 Computer Games Bucking the system: Three computer games that break all the rules but wind up winners. Jay Kee
13:12 1991:09 102 Games Mastering the maze: Can you escape from these three-dimensional labyrinths? Scot Morris
13:12 1991:09 104 Last Word Is your computer a little under the weather? Better consult Dr. Victor Thrake, computer virologist extraordinaire, before your machine goes down-permanently. Mitch Coleman, Dave Jaffe

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