Volume 14

October 1991 to September 1992

Vol.:No. YYYY:MM Page Title Section Author
14:01 1991:10 10 First Word Archaeological evidence indicates that modern humans and Neanderthals lived side by side for thousands of years. The author wonders whether we will someday share the earth with a superior type of Homo sapiens. Jean M. Auel
14:01 1991:10 12 Omnibus The Who’s Who of contributing authors
14:01 1991:10 14 Forum Inherit the ignorance: Sixty-six years after the Scopes monkey trial, some schools still teach creationism as a science. Why does evolution frighten some people? Keith Ferrell
14:01 1991:10 16 Communications Readers’ writes
14:01 1991:10 18 Political Science The whole planet could be bombed back to the Stone Age if the United States doesn’t keep a closer eye on its plutonium. Tom Dworetzky
14:01 1991:10 22 Digs Found (probably): The elusive missing evolutionary link between man and ape. Delta Willis
14:01 1991:10 24 Tools Being God is harder than it looks; evolution by the numbers; and more. Sandy Fritz
14:01 1991:10 25 Continuum It’s time to pack up the camel and head for Bethlehem; Galileo finds life?on Earth; putting ocean breezes to work in Sweden; and more.
14:01 1991:10 34 Natural Direction Darwin was wrong, say two eminent biologists. They’ve shown that bacteria can mutate in response to environmental stresses, rather than at random. Pamela Weintraub
14:01 1991:10 42 The Secret Life Of The Neanderthal Thanks to new dating techniques, paleontologists have begun rethinking Neanderthals’ role in man’s history. Shari Rudavsky
14:01 1991:10 46 Hunters In The Forest Fiction Bored by the relentless predictability of the twenty-third century, Mallory takes a vacation in the Mesozoic Era. Robert Silverberg
14:01 1991:10 58 Cast In Stone Pictorial Over long millennia, nature sculpted its image in stone, creating postcards from the past. We’ve just begun to unlock their secrets. Sandy Fritz
14:01 1991:10 66 Life According To Gaia A kinder, gentler theory of evolution. The Gaia hypothesis proposes that living things and their environment act as a single organism. Jane Bosveld
14:01 1991:10 73 Planit: The Omni Evolution Game Life’s not one big crapshoot. Instead it’s a board game that lets each player be Gaia. Rollie Tesh, Tom Braunlich
14:01 1991:10 87 The Whole Evolution Almanac Here’s evolution in a nutshell. Our time line, compiled by Delta Willis, summarizes its history, and Gurney Williams III surveys some prominent scientists about its future. Try your hand at mutation with Hemant Chikarmane’s tabletop kit. And return to your primitive roots with Keith Harary’s devolution program. Delta Willis, Gurney Williams III, Hemant Chikarmane, Keith Harary
14:01 1991:10 98 Interview While most computer scientists are content to work on creating an artificial intelligence, Chris Langton wants to create artificial life in a computer. And he’s succeeded. Ed Regis
14:01 1991:10 104 Games Feeling lucky? Take our quiz on the number 13, bane of triskaidekaphobics. Scot Morris
14:01 1991:10 112 Earth An entire family?the dinosaurs?has vanished. Whodunit? Or, more precisely, whatdunit? An asteroid has emerged as the chief suspect, and the hunt is on for the smoking crater. Curt Wohleber
14:01 1991:10 142 Last Word Did you love word problems when you took math in high school? Well, try these math teasers anyway. Dave Jaffe
14:02 1991:11 10 First Word The actor journeys to Rome to ask the Church to intervene in the Gulf War. Martin Sheen
14:02 1991:11 12 Omnibus The Who’s Who of contributing authors
14:02 1991:11 14 Communications Readers’ writes
14:02 1991:11 18 Books The events in a new novel eerily parallel the recent Soviet upheaval. Robert K. J. Killheffer
14:02 1991:11 20 Wheels Get a charge out of driving with GM’s electric cars. Mark Fischetti
14:02 1991:11 22 Space Will the failed coup kill or revive the Soviet space program? James Oberg
14:02 1991:11 24 Tools Popcorn’s informational kernels; past-life cards; and more. Sandy Fritz
14:02 1991:11 27 Artificial Intelligence Designing a computer for a gorilla can drive you ape. Joan Griffiths
14:02 1991:11 28 Political Science Bush’s education vouchers would allow parents to use government money to send their kids to private school. Tom Dworetzky
14:02 1991:11 30 Transportation A new NASA spacecraft looks a lot like a project canceled 30 years ago. Martin Caidin
14:02 1991:11 32 Animals A state-of-the-art forensics lab doggedly tracks down poachers. Jessica Speart
14:02 1991:11 33 Continuum Fore! Now you can play golf without the hazards of rain, lightning, or lost balls; racing pigeons that can’t find their way home; and more.
14:02 1991:11 40 Cruising The Eclipse Feature There goes the sun: Science devotees booked passage on a cruise ship to get a good look at the decade’s best solar eclipse. Frederik Pohl
14:02 1991:11 50 The Light Stuff Feature After nine years of waiting, work, and more waiting, an engineering professor’s experiment, sponsored by Omni, finally made it into space. Beth Howard
14:02 1991:11 56 Skinner’s Room Fiction. San Francisco’s outcasts have made the Bay Bridge their home. One of the first to claim the bridge, Skinner now sits atop it, nursed by a young girl who has never known a different world. William Gibson
14:02 1991:11 93 World Of Electronic Games Special Section Dateline: 1999. After a hard day at work, you plop down in front of the TV to unwind. But instead of watching a witless sitcom, you’re playing a startlingly realistic video game or a game of one-on-one basketball. You switch to an equally strenuous mental exercise?manipulating a political campaign. You finish the evening by joining Christopher Columbus on his historic voyage. A computer provides all these experiences; it’s not just for spreadsheets anymore.
14:02 1991:11 70 Interview Nautical archaeologist George Bass’s discoveries have rewritten history books. John Stein
14:02 1991:11 78 Vampire State Fiction. What could happen if we continue to ignore street children? W. E. Gutman
14:02 1991:11 105 Antimatter Giving it all up for UFOs; monster rat visits France; and more.
14:02 1991:11 118 Star Tech Techno-tools of tomorrow
14:02 1991:11 122 Electronic Universe Two fun programs give you close-ups of the planets and the weather. Gregg Keizer
14:02 1991:11 128 Games A 3-D message, sans glasses. Scot Morris
14:02 1991:11 136 Last Word Get ready for the latest ecological problems. Robert Bixby
14:02 1991:11 81 Suffer The Children Feature Hundreds of children wander the hostile streets of Guatemala, stealing, begging, and selling their young but no longer innocent bodies. And they are dying and disappearing at an alarming rate, unspeakably tortured by those entrusted to protect them: the police. W. E. Gutman
14:03 1991:12 10 First Word Looking for locations for the new film At Play in the Fields of the Lord, the Brazilian cinematographer saw his homeland in a new light. Lauro Escorel
14:03 1991:12 12 Omnibus The Who’s Who of contributing authors
14:03 1991:12 16 Communications Readers’ writes
14:03 1991:12 18 Earth Scientists intently study the newest place on Earth to discover how life evolved when the planet was young. Jeanne K. Hanson
14:03 1991:12 20 Political Science Why doesn’t the U.S. buy the nukes the Soviets are tossing out to keep up with the Bushes? Tom Dworetzky
14:03 1991:12 22 Tools Everything you always wanted to know about the paranormal but were afraid to ask; cars so new they haven’t been invented yet; and more. Sandy Fritz
14:03 1991:12 26 Electronic Universe You’ve read the genre, now play the games: Science fiction games, always a weak imitation of written SF, begin to hold their own. Gregg Keizer
14:03 1991:12 30 Entertainment This winter at the movies: a new Addams Family, an invisible Chevy Chase, and a thirtysomething Peter Pan. A.J.S. Rayl
14:03 1991:12 33 Continuum TV without the guilt; what’s black and white and munched by farm animals?; and more.
14:03 1991:12 42 Class Acts Feature Science has certainly changed over the past few decades. Fortunately, many schools have adjusted, teaching science not just with textbooks but with satellite hookups, computer networks, and old-fashioned ingenuity and enthusiasm. Gregg Keizer
14:03 1991:12 48 Star Trek: The Director’s Chair Feature After twenty-five years of meeting alien races, romancing beautiful women, and saving the universe, James T Kirk and his crew are heading for home to take a well-deserved rest. The director and screenwriter of the new film, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, talks about working with the Star Trek cast and characters. Nicholas Meyer
14:03 1991:12 52 Boldly Going Nowhere? Feature Despite predictions that it would crash and burn, Star Trek: The Next Generation continues to thrive, delighting Trekkers and new fans alike with the adventures of Picard and his crew. But has it abandoned the original’s reckless spirit for a more pedantic view of the future? Melinda Snodgrass
14:03 1991:12 56 Interview Physicist Roald Sagdeev guided the Soviet Union’s unmanned space program to new heights but made more headlines down on Earth when he bucked the Communist political system back in 1988, when perestroika was untested. Doug Stewart
14:03 1991:12 66 The Other Shore Fiction. Several years ago, renegade geneticists cooked up a modern version of the Black Death that attacked only non-Caucasians, devastating the population of the Third World. As the world struggles to recover, FBI agent Dave must escort Bedford, one of the accused scientists, to trial, where he faces almost certain death. There’s just one problem: Dave thinks the likable Bedford is innocent. J.R. Dunn
14:03 1991:12 74 The New Cartographers Maps and legends: We’ve come a long way from the days when mapmakers labeled uncharted seas with “Here be dragons.” Cartography has become a science, employing the latest satellite and computer technology to not only map the seas but also help prevent environmental damage and deliver mail faster. Gregory T. Pope
14:04 1992:01 6 First Word Physics and the Theory of Everything Margaret Wertheim
14:04 1992:01 8 Forum Space and the presidency Keith Ferrell
14:04 1992:01 11 Communications Readers’ writes
14:04 1992:01 12 Space The Soviets sell out James Oberg
14:04 1992:01 14 Body Tinkering with evolution Keith Harary
14:04 1992:01 16 Tools Whirlybirds, real birds Wheels By Jeffrey Zygmont Smart highways Sandy Fritz
14:04 1992:01 25 Earth Third World recycling Ben Barber
14:04 1992:01 26 Games The year’s best games Scot Morris
14:04 1992:01 28 Political Science Ailing trauma facilities Tom Dworetzky
14:04 1992:01 30 Continuum Environmental report card
14:04 1992:01 44 51 Things You Must Know About Science, Technology, And Your Future Everything (well, almost) you always wanted to know about science but were afraid to ask the Editors of Omni
14:04 1992:01 50 Encounter With The Gorgonids Fiction : Ursula K. Le Guin
14:04 1992:01 56 Mapping The Mindfields Feature Bob Berger
14:04 1992:01 62 Omni Treasure Hunt Preview
14:04 1992:01 64 Carl’s Lawn And Garden Fiction. Terry Bisson
14:04 1992:01 70 Squid! Fiction. Arthur C. Clarke
14:04 1992:01 75 World Of Electronic Games
14:04 1992:01 85 Interview Chaos explained Thomas Bass
14:05 1992:02 4 First Word Secrets to the universe Paul Davies
14:05 1992:02 6 Forum Fascinated by SF Keith Ferrell
14:05 1992:02 8 Communications Readers? Writes
14:05 1992:02 10 Tools Sandy Fritz
14:05 1992:02 16 Mind Conserving mental energy Steve Nadis
14:05 1992:02 17 Funds Preparing for 2000 Marvin Cetron and Owen Davies
14:05 1992:02 20 Omni Treasure Hunt
14:05 1992:02 24 Books Sandy Fritz
14:05 1992:02 27 Political Science’ The electronic government Tom Dworetzky
14:05 1992:02 28 Explorations Charles Piatt
14:05 1992:02 30 Electronic Universe Gregg Keizer
14:05 1992:02 106 Games How well do you know your abbreviations? Scot Morris
14:05 1992:02 33 Continuum
14:05 1992:02 46 Asylum! Glasnost has begun to reveal the appalling abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union. Tom Dworetzky
14:05 1992:02 50 Subcycles Much less than 20,000 leagues under the sea, contestants race motorless submarines in a chaotic competition. Kathleen McAuliffe
14:05 1992:02 56 Future Manners Keeping courtesy alive in an increasingly technological world. Steve Ditlea
14:05 1992:02 62 The Life Of My Crime Fiction. A man’s habitual lies have bizarre consequences. Jonathan Carroll
14:05 1992:02 71 Interview Nigerian psychiatrist Thomas Lambo and mental illness in Africa. Thomas Bass
14:05 1992:02 77 Antimatter
14:06 1992:03 6 First Word The men’s movement Carol Bly
14:06 1992:03 8 Earth Frozen clues to the environment’s future Billy Allstetter
14:06 1992:03 11 Communications Readers’ writes
14:06 1992:03 12 Artificial Intelligence Movies by computer Steve Ditlea
14:06 1992:03 16 Wheels A new type of engine may soon be purring under your car’s hood. Jeffrey Zygmont
14:06 1992:03 18 Books A different past, the same future Robert K. J. Killheffer
14:06 1992:03 22 Political Science Mexico and free trade Tom Dworetzky
14:06 1992:03 24 Electronic Universe Mixing education and entertainment Gregg Keizer
14:06 1992:03 28 Games Bulletin-board humor Scot Morris
14:06 1992:03 31 Continuum
14:06 1992:03 41 Nuclear World Order The Cold War with the Soviets is over. So who else has the bomb? Carl A. Posey
14:06 1992:03 46 Touring The Jungles Vacationing in endangered areas gives a unique perspective on the damage we’re doing to the environment. 56 Crumbling Infostructure By Gregg Keizer Every day, books, movies, and computer data decay and eventually disappear. How can we save them? Tom Dworetzky
14:06 1992:03 64 Interview Paleontologist Robert Bakker has unusual theories about dinosaurs. Vicki Lindner
14:06 1992:03 68 A Little Night Music Fiction. Jazz from hell: Some out-of- this-world music has a chilling effect. Lucius Shepard
14:07 1992:04 8 First Word Choosing death Mary Catherine Bateson
14:07 1992:04 11 Forum Really good SF books Keith Ferrell
14:07 1992:04 14 Communications Readers’ writes
14:07 1992:04 18 Funds Using a PC to manage your money?really Patric Helmaan
14:07 1992:04 20 Wheels Praising the pickup Jeffrey Zygmont
14:07 1992:04 24 Political Science Why we need RU486 Tom Dworetzky
14:07 1992:04 27 Space Students plan Mars voyage John Elder
14:07 1992:04 31 Continuum
14:07 1992:04 40 Portrait Of A Prophet Soothsayers of the 21st century reveal corporate secrets? and more. Deidre Sullivan
14:07 1992:04 46 Intuition Quiz Find out how intuitive you are.
14:07 1992:04 53 Life In Godel’s Universe: Maps All The Way Feature In 1931, Godel explained the universe? and no one noticed. George Zebrowski
14:07 1992:04 64 Ship Full Of Jews Fiction. Columbus, Torquemada, and a cargo of Chasidim head for America. Barry Malzberg
14:07 1992:04 69 Interview Inventing polymerase chain reaction didn’t make biochemist Kary Mullis rich. His newest gene-manipulating techniques just might. Anthony Liversidge
14:07 1992:04 75 Anti-matter
14:07 1992:04 94 Games Fooling the eye Scot Morris
14:07 1992:04 96 Electronic Universe Playing sports on a PC Gregg Keizer
14:07 1992:04 98 Last Word A mild nuclear winter Stan Sinberg
14:08 1992:05 6 First Word The next step in evolution Michael Murphy
14:08 1992:05 10 Communications Readers’ writes
14:08 1992:05 14 Arts Painting Alzheimer’s Joe Dziemianowicz
14:08 1992:05 16 Mind Faces in the crowd Jeff Goldberg
14:08 1992:05 18 Political Science The spin doctor is in Tom Dworetzky
14:08 1992:05 20 Digs Dating cave paintings Kathleen McAuliffe
14:08 1992:05 22 Funds Making green greenbacks Linda Marsa
14:08 1992:05 24 Electronic Universe Simulations: almost like the real thing Gregg Keizer
14:08 1992:05 26 Earth Quake-proof buildings Cherri Senders
14:08 1992:05 29 Continuum
14:08 1992:05 40 Mental Muscle Using your head can pay off in the long run?with a longer, healthier life. Kathy Keeton
14:08 1992:05 50 Interactive Museums These days, some museums want you to touch, not look. Margaret Wertheim
14:08 1992:05 58 The Eye Of The Beholder Fiction. A painting inspires varied stories from Samuel R. Delany, Lucius Shepard, Leigh Kennedy, and Joyce Carol Oates Samuel R. Delany, Lucius Shepard, Leigh Kennedy, Joyce Carol Oates.
14:08 1992:05 58 The Artist Fiction Joyce Carol Oates
14:08 1992:05 62 Victory Fiction Lucius Shepard
14:08 1992:05 88 The Preservation Of Lindy Fiction Leigh Kennedy
14:08 1992:05 90 The Desert Of Time Fiction Samuel R. Delany
14:08 1992:05 67 Chasing Science To find out the latest in science, drop in at the annual AAAS conference. Frederik Pohl
14:08 1992:05 73 Interview Neurobiologist Sarah Leibowitz’s research shows why we eat. Douglas Stein
14:08 1992:05 79 Anti-matter
14:08 1992:05 96 Games A potpourri of puzzles Scot Morris
14:09 1992:06 4 First Word Science superheroes Fred Chappell
14:09 1992:06 6 Communications Readers’ writes
14:09 1992:06 8 Forum Of elections and education Keith Ferrell
14:09 1992:06 9 Political Science Promises, promises? What did Bush say? What did he do? Tom Dworetzky
14:09 1992:06 10 Earth Culture scuplture Linda Marsa
14:09 1992:06 12 Wheels Big audio dynamite Jeffrey Zygmont
14:09 1992:06 14 Space The last explorers Brenda Forman
14:09 1992:06 16 Books A Martian odyssey Robert K. J. Killheffer
14:09 1992:06 20 Games Scot Morris
14:09 1992:06 22 Requiem Mourning Isaac Asimov Keith Ferrell
14:09 1992:06 24 Style Ecology-minded fashions Michelle Kearns
14:09 1992:06 84 Electronic Universe Gregg Keizer
14:09 1992:06 27 Continuum
14:09 1992:06 38 Scientific Fraud From cold fusion to the David Baltimore debacle, scandals are tarnishing science’s reputation. Linda Marsa
14:09 1992:06 45 Silk For Cocaine Colombian farmers just say no, cultivating cocoons instead of cocaine. Audrey Liounis
14:09 1992:06 50 The Case Of The Ghost Molecules Can some molecules remember the characteristics of others? Bill Lawren
14:09 1992:06 54 Interview Biologist Garrett Hardin’s controversial views on overpopulation. Cathy Spencer
14:09 1992:06 64 The Effects Of Alienation Fiction. Playing Brecht for laughs after Hitler wins the war. 77 Anti-Matter Howard Waldrop
14:10 1992:07 6 First Word Life through art Lawrence Russ
14:10 1992:07 8 Communications Readers’ writes
14:10 1992:07 10 Space Russians clean up their act James Oberg
14:10 1992:07 14 Digs Unearthing a movie set J. K. Mountain
14:10 1992:07 16 Political Science Understanding the LA riots Tom Dworetzky
14:10 1992:07 18 Books Future evolution John Clute
14:10 1992:07 22 Wheels Entertainment to go Jeffrey Zygmont
14:10 1992:07 24 Electronic Universe Playing politics Gregg Keizer
14:10 1992:07 27 Transportation Airplane wings that move Kathleen McAuliffe
14:10 1992:07 30 Games Obscure sports rules Scot Morris
14:10 1992:07 33 Continuum
14:10 1992:07 42 The Torch Of Technology Olympic athletes’ training programs begin with practice, exercise – and technology Paul Shepherd
14:10 1992:07 48 Spain Creates The Future The once-backward country prepares to roll into the next century. Ellen Hoffman
14:10 1992:07 54 The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore Fiction. A mysterious man cures cancer, implicates Marilyn Monroe in JFK’s assassination, and puts a dead Red Sox pitcher on Noah’s Ark. Harlan Ellison
14:10 1992:07 65 Interview Physicist Christopher McKay wants to use the greenhouse effect to make Mars more habitable. Paul Bagne
14:10 1992:07 72 Anti-matter
14:11 1992:08 6 First Word Comedy: It makes life worth living. Bob Kreek
14:11 1992:08 8 Communications Readers’ writes
14:11 1992:08 10 Funds Big profits in biotech Linda Marsa
14:11 1992:08 14 Political Science Building information highways Tom Dworetzky
14:11 1992:08 18 Mind What does your brain do when you hear a joke? Joan Griffiths
14:11 1992:08 20 Style Old sneakers get a second wind. David Arneke
14:11 1992:08 22 Arts High-voltage paintings Judith Bell
14:11 1992:08 24 Electronic Universe Waging war via computer Gregg Keizer
14:11 1992:08 27 Continuum
14:11 1992:08 34 Behind The Screen At Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Comedy Central’s hottest show stars robots and terrible movies. Marion Long
14:11 1992:08 43 Dark Bogs, Dna, And The Mummy Modern science unlocks the secrets of bodies from a Florida bog. Gurney Williams III
14:11 1992:08 46 A Modern Riddle Of The Sphinx How old is the Sphinx? 4,500 years, say Egyptologists. Try 7,000, says a geologist. Robert M. Schoch
14:11 1992:08 52 Two Guys From The Future Fiction. They’re only here for the art. Terry Bisson
14:11 1992:08 57 Interview Performance artist Rachel Rosenthal turns chaos into art. Denise Meola
14:11 1992:08 62 Anti-matter
14:11 1992:08 84 Games New ways to get around Scot Morris
14:12 1992:09 6 First Word Cooperation in space Ben Bova
14:12 1992:09 8 Communications Readers’ writes
14:12 1992:09 10 Forum Putting real science – and a real scientist – on the big screen Keith Ferrell
14:12 1992:09 14 Electronic Universe Saving?or dooming?the environment Gregg Keizer
14:12 1992:09 16 Political Science The TV generation Tom Dworetzky
14:12 1992:09 18 Wheels A car that parks itself Steve Ditlea
14:12 1992:09 21 Kid Stuff Helping kids read about science Robert K. J. Killheffer
14:12 1992:09 24 Stars A California telescope in Tennessee Steve Nadis
14:12 1992:09 27 Continuum
14:12 1992:09 34 Class Of 2001 Young Americans: They’ll be running the country before we know it. Get the lowdown on how they think, buy, talk, and learn. Beth Howard
14:12 1992:09 42 Brain Gain: Drugs That Boost Intelligence “Smart drugs” have turned into a booming, controversial business. Can a pill really make you smarter? Julie Erlich
14:12 1992:09 52 Overtures Fiction. On the planet Spinoza, a pattern appears on the wall of a half-finished building. What tests must humans pass before the alien designers will make contact? J. R. Dunn
14:12 1992:09 59 Interview Psychologist Martin Seligman advocates optimistic lies. Kathleen McAuliffe
14:12 1992:09 64 Anti-matter
14:12 1992:09 86 Games Physics confounded Scot Morris

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